Environmental Ethics: The Big Questions (2010)
Ethics in Action: A Case-Based Approach (2009)
The Philosophy of Ecology (2000)

Journal Articles

An Introduction to Ethics for Teaching 2010 (PDF)
Looking at the Salt Lake Temple Through a Heideggerian Lens 6-2010 (PDF)
Academic Freedom vs. Community Values-ACADEME 2007 (PDF)
Toward a Post‑Mechanistic Philosophy of Nature 2009 (PDF)
Teaching Environmental Ethics 5-2006 (PDF)
Tornados and the Sublime (PDF)
Homogeneity and Free Speech in Utah 9-2005 (PDF)
Towards an Environmental Political Economy 6-2005 (PDF)
Communitarianism and Teaching EAC 10-2002 (PDF)
Deconstruction: Fad or Philosophy? 12-2002 (PDF)
The Fallacy of the Human/Nature Divide 12-2002 (PDF)
Putting Food Production in Context 10-2002 (PDF)
Goshute Nuclear Waste Repository Case Study 03-2001 (PDF)
Gleaning Lessons from Deep Ecology 1997 (PDF)

Book Contributions

Encyclopedia of Global Justice: Environmental Justice (PDF)
Encyclopedia of Environmental Ethics and Philosophy Deep Ecology (PDF)
Encyclopedia of Environmental Ethics and Philosophy Earth First! (PDF)
Encyclopedia of Environmental Ethics and Philosophy Edward Abbey (PDF)
Values in Nature: The Contribution of Frederick Ferre to Environmental Philosophy (PDF)
Civil Disobedience as a Civic Virtue (PDF)
Environmental Economics (PDF)
Global Studies Encyclopedia 2003 (PDF)
Fallacy of Safe Space (PDF)
Postmodernism Proceedings Introduction 03-2003 (PDF)

Book Reviews

On Curry's Ecological Ethics Spring 2008 (PDF)
On Steiner's Human Ecology 09-2003 (PDF)
On Rothenberg's Always the Mountains 03-2003 (PDF)
On Rothenberg's Wild Ideas 10-1997 (PDF)
On Golley's A Primer for Ecological Literacy 03-2003 (PDF)


Free Markets Bad for Your Health (with Korkut Erturk) 2-24-2013 (HTML)
Voters Were Right to Defeat Vouchers 11-18-2007 (PDF)
University Status for UVSC 2-4-2007 (PDF)
Public-Private Academic Freedom 7-2-2006 (PDF)
Put Capital Punishment to Death 1-8-2006 (PDF)
Ethics Campuswide Pursuit at UVSC (with Brian Birch) 12-27-2005 (PDF)
The Use and Abuse of the Labels 'Liberal' and 'Conservative' 12-4-2005 (PDF)
"Liberal" & "Conservative" Fuzzy 10-30-2005 (PDF)
UVSC Not Shifting To Left 6-27-2005 (PDF)
On Intelligent Design Theory 6-19-2005 (PDF)
UVSC Complements LDS Values (with William Sederburg) 3-2-2005 (PDF)
UVSC's Core Values (with William Sederburg) 2-13-2005 (PDF)
UVSC After Moore 1-9-2005 (PDF)
Lessons from Moore Controversy 10-10-2004 (PDF)
Lift UVSC New Program Moratorium 8-22-2004 (PDF)
The Value of Ethics Education 7-29-2004 (PDF)
Against Firearms on College Campuses 6-13-2004 (PDF)
Machen's bane: Just who gets into medical school at the U? 10-19-2003 (PDF)
Moss Understood Art of Compromise 02-2003 (PDF)
Utah's Lavish Use of Water Is an Unsustainable Luxury 01-2003 (PDF)
Reasons for Iraq War Lack Weight 12-2002 (PDF)
The Goshute Nuclear Waste Repository 12-2002 (PDF)
What is UVSC's Proper Role in Utah System of Higher Education? 11-2002 (PDF)
Put Principle Over Strategy in Voting 10-2002 (PDF)
Patriotism is Not a Religion 10-2002 (PDF)
America Can Remain an Open Society in the Face of Terror 07-2001 (PDF)